Tax Planning

Wishes Matter

Planning with Powerful Insight and Advice

Responsible, conscientious tax planning is most of all about being organized and intentional. With proper planning, you can stride towards your personal and financial goals while minimizing your tax obligations.

We’re here to help you articulate a detailed, adaptable strategy guided by your wishes and aspirations. The value of thoughtful planning and consultation with trusted, experienced advisors cannot be understated. Plan with us and go forward with confidence.

Key Services We Provide

  • Individual income tax planning

    Analysis of your personal situation for tax saving opportunities, planning for stock sales and other significant items of income, optimization of itemized deductions and tax credits.

  • PostMortem Tax Planning

    Review of decedent’s personal income tax returns, legal documents and assets, assessment of tax filing obligations, review of financial issues pertinent to the estate and/or trust and beneficiaries, prepare and communicate plan of action to meet deadlines.

  • Retirement planning

    Optimization of Traditional vs. Roth IRA annual contributions, planning for Roth conversions, review of options for business retirement plans, planning for distributions, analysis of beneficiary designations.

  • Federal and state estate tax planning

    Analysis of asset ownership and titling, guidance regarding estate tax consequences of different strategies, coordination with attorneys and investment advisors for optimum plan execution.

  • Charitable planning

    Optimization of charitable donations in conjunction with current year income, planning for major donations resulting in estate and income tax savings, including the use of donor advised funds and charitable trusts.

  • Gift planning

    Tax planning for annual exclusions, major gifts, tax-advantaged 529 plans, exempt tuition and medical gifts, and funding of life insurance trusts. Review of gift objectives and timeline in conjunction with minimizing gift and estate tax liability.

Secure File Sharing

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